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Expertise in the M25 Region
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Commercial property investment strategies vary widely.  

There’s a lot to consider. You have to look at returns, risk, latent development potential, asset liquidity and how much time you have to look after your investment. 

At Glenny we like to see beyond the bricks and mortar. 

We can show you how a well-run, proactive, property acquisition, ownership and disposal strategy can be a good investment.

Please get in touch for details of current property investment opportunities, or to have a chat about your needs. 

Our investment teams can help you:



Pre-empt market opportunities

We work alongside our Commercial Agency, Our on the ground, local knowledge can help you pre-empt market opportunities and identify profitable, but realistic, investment goals.

Increase ROI

We work closely with our teams of property managers and building surveyors to increase a property’s value and ROI. We have a clear methodology for assessing potential for Asset, Property and Project Management

Maximise interest

We can help you sell your asset. We can help decide the best timeframe and process for this major financial move – taking into account market cycles that will boost interest in your property.

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Philip Colman

Philip Colman

Divisional Director - Investment Agency
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Whatever your property needs, from acquiring land for commercial use, design and build, or marketing your premises, to professional valuations, property management and energy efficiency, the Glenny team provides a complete and tailored service.

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