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Prime industrial rents have shifted forward significantly over the past six months, with values in each of the regions advancing by 12%-30%. The most significant rises have been seen in the inner M25 markets, with rents in Tottenham & Edmonton up by 28.6% to £27.00 per sq ft, whilst Canning Town has seen rents increase by 27.7% to a new record level for the Eastern M25 market of £30.00 per sq ft. Outside of the inner M25 ring, rental growth has been more subdued, although values in Thurrock have now moved to £13.50 per sq ft, an advance of 12.5% over the past six months. Secondary rents have followed the same trend, rising by 19.1% on average since the end of Q1. 

Industrial Market Rents
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Industrial Rents and Capital Values

Prime industrial rents have moved forward strongly over the past six months, growing by 20.7% and bringing the increase over the past year to 27.6%. The strongest increases in values has been in the inner M25 locations, where values are up by 31.2% on average since the same time last year, with the outer M25 locations recording an increase of 21.2%.

Prime industrial rents in Canning Town reached £30.00 per sq ft for a 25,000 sq ft unit at the end of Q3, a new record for the Eastern M25 market, with other locations in London, Tottenham/Edmonton and Charlton/Woolwich now standing at £27.00 per sq ft and £25.00 per sq ft respectively.

Owner occupier capital values per sq ft have also risen by similar levels, with prime values up by 26.4% over the past 12 months across the region as a whole.      

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