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Connect in Cannes

07 March 2018

From 13th to 16th March, Glenny’s senior property experts will be attending MIPIM.

John, Colin, Keith, Jim, Ivan, Richard, Philip and Peter will be on the ground in Cannes, catching up with industry peers, forging new contacts and discussing both upcoming opportunities and the latest industry developments.

To schedule a quick coffee, catch up at the London Stand or meet at a formal event with one of the MIPIM team, please get in touch:

John Bell, Investment, Development and Business Space Agency, 07766 225 489

Colin Cottage, Regeneration & Infrastructure, 07768 070 255

Keith Brelsford, Residential Development, 07768 747 638

Jim O’Connell, Development and Business Space Agency, 07768 070 248

Ivan Scott, Development and Business Space Agency, 07342 880 685

Richard Seton Clements, Development and Business Space Agency, 07710 319 574

Philip Colman, Investment, 07768 070 249

Peter Higgins, Business Space Agency, 07900 990 805

They’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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